Penguin Flags 2022




Fly your school flag in front of the penguins.

Between Nov. and Jan. every year our research team is with the Adelie penguins at Cape Royds on Ross Island, Antarctica.  For more information on how you can fly your flag in front of the penguins, go HERE. To see flags from previous years go HERE.

Below are the flags which are flying in the colony during the 2022-23 season.

If your flag has been flown in front of the penguins click on the date to see the picture.

penguin flag


Michelle Thomas’ class at the Friendship Academy in Pittsburg, PA.

penguin Flag


Girl Scout Troop #10374, Bernhards Bay, NY. Victoria Biela, leader.

Penguin Flag


The Conservation Crew from Bernhards Bay, NY. Victoria Biela, leader.

Penguin flag

Nov. 28, 2022

The students at Academy Hill School in Springfield, MA. Teacher is Gwen McNierney.

Penguin Flag

Nov. 30, 2022

Ms Muller’s class at Prairie Queen ES in Papillion, NE.


penguin flag


Endeavor ES, Sioux Falls, SD. Amanda Harris’ class.

penguin flag


Ecole Provencher, Winnipeg MB, Canada Mme Meg’s class.

Nov.14, 2022

Coal City Public Library, Coal City, IL.

penguin flag


Canaan School, Teresa Bolton’s Class, Canaan, VT.

penguin flag

Nov 13,2022

The Picasso Room, New Gate Montessori, Sarasota, FL.  Jennifer Lombard’s class.

penguin flag

Nov. 11,2022

Waits River Valley School, E. Corinith, VT. Kayla Eccher’s class.

penguin flag

Nov. 10,2022

Saint Columban School, Garden Grove, CA. Ms Kahlweiss’ class.

penguin flag

Nov. 12,2022

Peach Room, Montessori School, Pittston, PA. Natalie Granger’s class.

penguin flag

Nov.17, 2022

McDonogh School, Owings Mills, MD.

penguin flag

Nov. 16,2022

Orchard Hills ES, Mrs. Root’s class, Irvine CA.