Penguin Science

Understanding penguin response to climate and ecosystem change

Classroom Activites.

Explore below for penguin projects to learn more about penguins, take part in our research or just have fun.

Classroom Activites

Get a penguin postcard from Antarctica

Make a penguin post card. Self address and stamp it. Send it to us in Antarctica and we will return it to you with the valuable Antarctica postmark.Click HERE for more information,

Fly your flag in front of the penguins

Make a penguin flag, Send it to us and we will fly it in front of the penguins at Cape Royds. Click HERE for more information.

Adopt a penguin family - Nest Check

Follow along with penguin parents as they raise thier chicks at Cape Royds breeding colony Nov 10 through Jan 15. Click HERE to select your family.

penguin breeding colony, adelie penguins, Cape Royds,

Daily Journal

Every day a new adventure in Antarctica. Daily pictures and stories from the field. Click HERE to see the daily journal from the past 3 seasons at Cape Royds,

penguin cam

See daily pictures of our Adelie penguin breeding colony at Cape Royds. Click HERE to see the pictures and  HERE to follow the weather.

Pictures and videos

Penguins, whales, seals and ice. Something for everyone.

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Ask a Question about penguins

Click here to see our FAQ page. If you have a question email us at

Classroom ready powerpoints

Teach your students about penguins, Talking points included. Click HERE to see the list of powerpoints.

CItizen Science Penguin Projects

Click HERE to help researchers count Antarctic penguins in their colonies.

Click HERE  or HERE to see  where your favorite penguins live.

More citizen science projects

Click HERE to see other citizen science projects for your students.