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Banded Bird # 6661 – Male

This banded male is new to our study. He is 9 years old and first bred when he was 4, which is young for Adelie penguins. He could not raise chicks that year, but has successfully raised chicks the last three years. Let’s watch and see what happens this season. His has been named Carl by the 2nd graders in Cheryl Carbary’s class at Mohawk ES, Macomb, MI. His mate is Shuffles, by the students in Darcia Deangelis’ class at Martin Luther King MS, Asbury park, NJ.

FIrst Egg: Nov 15, 2019 Second Egg: Nov 19, 2019

De 10, 2019 The nest is abandoned after Shuffles spent 32 days without food or water. The eggs were lost to the Skuas.

Dec 29 Carl has returned. We do not know what happened for him, but glad to see he is alive.