Nest Check 2022

We are selecting the penguin families for our study. You can adopt one of the penguin nests and follow the daily pictures from the field as they raise their chicks in the harshest environment on Earth. Compare your family with the others in the study. Are the foraging trips the same length for the males and the female? Dose it change over time? Do they raise 1 or 2 chicks? Does the nest location make a difference? Does the age of the penguins make a difference in their ability to raise chicks? Ask a question of your own.




Nov 11, 2022. We have arrived at Cape Royds, are selecting the penguin families for the 2022-23 breeding season and will be adding nests everyday. Click on the NEST # to see the daily pictures of that family as the season progresses.
Go HERE  to  see the pictures and stories from 2019 as 11 penguin families raised their chicks at Cape Royds breeding colony.  Click HERE to see nests from previous years (2012-2018).

You can also see live daily pictures of the colony on our webcam by going HERE.

Nest 1

Band #06661  – Male

This penguin pair are Rocky and Flames named by the students in Joni Nesbitt’s class. Click on the nest number to see the daily pictures.

penguin pair

Nest 2

Band #62931 – Female

These parents are Chester and Winter named by the students at Boulder Peak Intermediate School, Marion, IA. Kris Hart, librarian.

penguin pair

Nest 3

Band # 78786 – Male

This is a rare situation. Two banded birds have mated. The female’s number is 72439.  They are Leo and Hazel named by the students in Robbin Makled’s class in Dearborn School.

penguin pair

Nest 4

Band #78997 – Male

This pair is Flipper and Sally named by the students at Kingwood ES, WV. Their teacher is Tiffany Sheets.

Nest 5

Band #76949

This nest is the Phoenix nest, named by Billie Morris’ students at Cumberland Academy, Fayetteville, NC.

Penguin pair

Nest 6

Band #76634

This is a 5 year old female. The pair is Snowflake and Laker, named by the students at the Boys Latin School, Baltimore, MD. Their teacher is Mary-Catherine Irving.

penguin on nest

Nest 7

Band #72291 – Male

This pair was named Mumble and Bobala by the students in Genny Kahlweiss’ class at Saint Columban School in Garden Grove, CA.

Nest 8

Band#63045 – Male

 An 11 year old male who has raised chicks before at Cape Royds.  The parents are Nina and Blake, named by the students in Peg Volak’s class at Bedminster ES, Perkasie, PA.