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Understanding penguin response to climate and ecosystem change

exploring species climate change options

Like animals everywhere, Antarctic penguins are adjusting, or not, to changes in their habitat brought by warming temperatures. With extensive field research on their existing colonies, and a 45,000 year-old record contained in deposits of their bones and egg shells, we know more about how Antarctic penguins will adjust to rapid climate change than almost any other creature on Earth.


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Advanced Grades

Every species is adapted to exploit and cope with a set of factors that together determine where on Earth it can live

middle school

Of all the penguins in the world, two kinds need to live in the areas of Antarctica where ice forms on the ocean

changing antarctic climate

Earth’s climate is changing more rapidly these days and in a direction that is due to the increase in heat-trapping gases in the lower portion of our atmosphere

how we know what we know

We began our study in 1996, supported by the National Science Foundation, to answer questions in regard to pack-ice species of penguins