Penguin Science

Understanding penguin response to climate and ecosystem change

Classroom Activites.

Use these  powerpoints in your classroom to teach about penguins, Antarctica, climate change and living and working in a field camp. Talking points are included in the ‘notes’ section.

  Powerpoints  For Your Classroom

Introduction to Adelie Penguins

Introduction to Adélie penguins. Explore the lives of these engaging birds. Lean how they  catch their food, build nests and rasie their chicks on Ross Island, Antarctica.

living and working in Antarctica

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How we know what we know.

We have learned many interesting facts about penguins. How do scientist do it? This powerpoint explores the tools and methods of penguin research.

Be a penguin REsearcher

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Penguin Adaptations

Antarctica is a cold and harsh environment. Learn how these birds have adapted to live and thrive in this remote place.

Penguin Quandries

Test your skill in solving these penguin mysteries. Answers are included, but take a risk, and make a guess before looking.

Fun penguin pictures

Enjoy these fun pictures of penguins being penguins and learn some of their interesting habits.

Joey's story

Click the title for a short powerpoint about Joey, a penguin we followed for 10 years at Cape Royds.  For the full story order the book HERE

Penguin Predators and Competitors

Adélies do not live here alone. Learn about the other animals these birds must compete with and learn to keep away from.

penguins aren't the only ones: Emperors, Whales and Seals

Emperor penguins are the other true Antarctic penguin that never leaves the continent. Watch this short powerpoint to learn more about these  remarkable birds.


Why the Polar regions are cold

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How you can help

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