Cape Royds Nest Check 2014-15

Cape Royds is a small colony of about 2100 nests. It has declined in size since 2000, when there were 4000 nests. The decline was due to a large iceberg that grounded about 60 km (40 miles) north and caused McMurdo Sound to be completely ice covered. This made it difficult for Royds penguins, who had to walk much longer distances than they like. Therefore, many penguins left Royds to find nests in colonies closer to open water. In 2007 water was much closer, only a few kilometers away, penguins started to return to Cape Royds. In 2008, the open water was again about 75 km away and the penguins had to walk further to get here, many decided not to, and there were fewer nests. About half of the nests that were started were lost as the brooding parent could not wait for the foraging parent to return. Hunger forced them to abandon the eggs.

The open water was about a 2km from the colony at the start of the 2009 season and made it much easier for the penguins to reach the colony, but for some reason egg laying was delayed by several days. This also delayed hatching and meant that many chicks would not be ready when the winter conditions closed in. In the 2011 season we had the biggest chicks we have ever seen. The ocean was close and the food plentiful. Every season presents new mysteries to solve, join us as the 2014-15 season unfolds.

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We wil be starting the 2014-2015 Nest Check soon. Please come back to this page around Nov 12, 2014 for ten new nests, penguin family drama and daily stories.


Cape Royds Nest Check | Bird Biography-Nest History

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Oct 30
winds from the N
Oct 29
winds from the SW
Oct 28          
Oct 27
winds from the SE


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Nest #1 band #
Waiting for the males to come ashore and build their nests! !

Nest #2 band


Nest #3 band #

Nest #4 band

Nest #5 band

Nest #6 band
Nest #7 , band #
Nest #8 band #
Nest #9 band
Nest #10 band










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Nov 2014

We will be starting the new season around Nov 10, 2014, come back then for all new nests!!!



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Nest #1

Nest #2
Nest #3
Nest #4
Nest #5
Nest #6
Nest #7 .

Nest #8

Nest #9
Nest #10