adelie penguin

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Nest #5, 2018-19

Banded Bird #4877, Female

This pair was here in the colony last year and raised a chick. Their nest is close by to where it was last year, and in a protected area we call the Rocks.

First egg: Nov 11, 2018

First hatched chick:

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Nov 6, 2018 Nov 7, 2018 Nov 8, 2018 Nov 9, 2018
No egg. No egg yet. Still no egg. No egg today.
Nov 10, 2018 Nov 11, 2018 Nov 12, 2018 Nov 13, 2018
no picture today
  Both parents are here, and there is at least one egg. YEAH ! ! Both parents, one egg. Both parents, and there is at least one egg.