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Welcome to the Penguin Science Education Page!

Here you will find fun and educational activities to help students learn about many interesting aspects of penguin life, history and their relationship to climate change.

Students can also ask questions to the scientific researchers who study penguins, check the nests of penguins as they look today, and (if the season is right) even receive a postcard from Antarctica!

Penguin existence in the far south region of our planet is a fascinating subject. The average day in the life of a penguin is filled with adventure and drama, as they struggle to live and thrive in a challenging environment and changing climate.

To see a map of the penguin colonies that live on and around Ross Island, just click in the image of the map to the right.

To see photographs and video of penguins, just click on the image of the penguin to the right.

We hope you enjoy learning about these amazing seabirds!

Here are links to our various web-based activities.

Click here for additional activities you can do in your classroom.

How do these amazing birds cope with the harsh environment of Antarctica? These close up pictures will show the many adaptations which allow Adelie Penguins to live and breed in the coldest environment on Earth.


Cape Royds Nest Check

Nov 2007 to Feb 2008. This is the breeding season for Adelie Penguins at Cape Royds on Ross Island, Antarctica. Follow along as researchers post daily pictures of penguin families brooding, hatching, guarding and fledging their chicks. Daily pictures start Nov 18, 2007and will run through Jan 2008. Adopt your favorite penguin pair and keep a field journal of their breeding activities.
Your students can receive a postcards from Antarctica. Have your students desgin a penguin postcard, self address and stamp it, then mail them as a class in a single envelope to us before Dec 31, 2007 and they will be returned with the unique "Antarctica" postmark.


Ask a Researcher

Do you have questions about Adelie Penguins? Search this list of previously asked questions by students and adults from all over the world. Your question not there? Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your unique question.

Did You Know?

Interesting facts about Adelie Penguins and how we know what we know. How do scientists work, what instruments do they use and how do they discover the answer to their questions?
  Here is your chance to be a penguin research scientist. Study these pictures and come up with your own ideas of why these birds do what they do. Write us with your ideas.

Make a Penguin Cartoon

Look at these fun pictures of penguins being penguins. Make a caption about what you think the penguins are saying or thinking. Send it to us and we will post it on the web page forothers to enjoy.

Lots of pictures of Adelie Penguins.

Penguin Drama, Every Day

Stories in pictures of Adelie Penguins being penguins.




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